Tiger Woods Masters 2009 Interview

I wonder if Tiger ever gets tired of being asked about the knee, I know I would..

I’d love to see the press conference where Tiger Woods finally snaps and hurls a microphone into the crowd and breaks into a jig screaming “See, It’s fine! Move on!” πŸ™‚

Steve Wilson Masters 2009I don’t know who you guys are rooting for, but I’m really pulling for the Gas Station Owner Steve Wilson, the underdog of underdogs. πŸ™‚

Steve Wilson earned his trip to the masters by winning the U.S Amateur Championship at Milwaukee Country Club.

This SOB one-putted 14 times over 32 holes during that match! HeΒ  must have Brendon Elliott as his putting coach! πŸ™‚

His goal at Augusta is to make the cut and finish in the top 16 and later this year take a shot a the U.S Open.

He’s taken advantage of the practice rounds at Augusta and his worst round was an 81 and his best round was a 73.Β  He feels if he can perform similar to this on his first two rounds, he’ll make the cut.

This man is an inspiration to me, he considers himself a “slow learner, dumb, late bloomer.”

Truth is, he says, he was never a very good golfer as a young adult. But the older he got, the better he played.

He won the Mississippi state amateur title in 2007 and has won seven pro-ams and three amateur championships on the Gulf Coast.

His buddies have been amazed by his transformation from a guy with a jittery putter to one now considering taking another crack at playing professionally.

Good Luck, Steve Wilson, you’ll be on my fantasy picks! πŸ™‚Β  Oh, and you too Tiger Woods… πŸ™‚


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