Interesting different way to drive traffic to your website

I received an email about this new golf game and I thought was pretty interesting.  It’s called the Golf Caveman Game.

It’s a simple game, very similar to the old Nintendo game Duck Hunt.  The biggest difference is that instead of a gun you’re shooting targets with a caveman’s golf club and balls.

Golf Caveman Game - RockBottom Golf

By the way, I currently hold the 2nd place position within the top 10 with a rocking score of 8200 points 🙂


Rock Bottom Golf is a discount golf e-tailer and although I’ve never done business with them personally, I’ve heard more than once they’ve some great deals.

I can only speculate that their primary motivation behind creating this game is to drive traffic to their business and I applaud their alternate approach.

I’d be very interested to hear what impact this game has on their bottom line.

What do you guys think?  I can definitely see this bringing more repeat traffic to their site but will the traffic convert?  If so, at what percent?  I’d be willing to guess around 5% of the traffic to the game will visit the site.

If I find out any more info, I’ll pass it along (with permission of course)


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  1. at

    I think the more important thing is when you register you high score, you have to give your name and email. I think this is a really good idea as they will collect a lot of names/emails which they can use later to generate more sales.

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