He’s Back! Tiger Woods has returned

Straight from the horses mouth, I’m now ready to play again.

After 253 days of golf sans Tiger Woods, #1 is back.

He is going to make his 2009 debut at the World Golf Championships Accenture Match Play Championship February 23rd – March 1st.

Not surprising, really, considering that he has a newborn to keep  him up at night! (ha!)

And with his return, returns the hope of increased ratings, increase advertising revenues, endorsement revenues and many within the industry that long for the attention that this “One” man brings to the game.

Me, I’m just hopeful to finally have a solid Fantasy Pick! 🙂

I will say that it has been pretty awesome to see some new faces emerge from the crowd and I hope that we continue to see more.

I am still awed at the effect that Tiger Woods has on the entire golf industry.  Everything from Advertising revenues to blog visits have suffered a decline since he’s been gone and many have been anxiously awaiting his return.

I am curious to see how he performs next week, I imagine he’s allowed very little rust to creep in, but factor in lack-o-play and lack-o-sleep and he MIGHT not be at his peek.

But, I suppose, one must also consider the sheer determination of a man like him, a man who’s willing to push his body beyond his limits to be able to strike yet another mark in the win column.


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    Game On!

    Cant wait….

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