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In an earlier post, I made reference to this company SNAG Golf.

Snag Golf Logo

My Son is taking lessons and the training equipment they use is from this company.

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the PGA Merchandise Show last week.

I spoke with Dave Shein from SNAG and he gave me a run down of all things SNAG.  On a side note, Dave’s from Canada and he informed me that in Canada, four out of every ten golfers golf left-handed.  It has to do with them growing up playing hockey.  I thought that was interesting  because in the states it’s more like one out of ten.  I consider this a testimony to the intelligence of the Canadians, anyone who willingly golfs left-handed has to be quite intelligent.. 🙂

But, I digress..

SNAG golf, is sort of a hybrid between miniature golf and regulation golf.  With it’s simplified rules and terminology, SNAG incorporates fun into the learning and playing experience.

There are only two clubs in every SNAGster’s bag, the SNAG Launcher and the SNAG Roller.

SNAG Golf Launcher

SNAG Golf Launcher

As you might have guessed, the SNAG Launcher serves as every club in your bag besides the putter.

Each club is weighted to resemble the weight of an actual golf club and each club face has a bullseye which is centered perfectly to establish proper alignment with the target.

SNAG clubs come equipped with a special Right On Red™ SNAG grip, constructed in three different hand sizes for the men, women and children.

The pentagonal grips feature yellow and red dots on the top two panels to provide SNAGsters with a consistently perfect hold.

The SNAG club heads come in two basic colors Red and Green. Green designates the shorter kid’s clubs, which are 26″ and 30″ in length.

The Red designates the adults 34″ and 35″ clubs. SNAG clubs come in both right and left handed versions.

SNAG Golf Roller

SNAG Golf Roller

The SNAG Roller is designed to work like a putter.

Same as the Launcher, it’s weighted to  resemble the weight of an actual putter.  Each Roller face has a bullseye which is centered perfectly to establish proper alignment with the target.

It has a specially designed five-sided Right on Red grip that helps the new learner hold the club properly in their palms instead of their fingers.

This club is designed like a blade putter and can be used by either lefty or righty.

The SNAG Rollers come in three sizes, 26″ (green) for 5-7 yr. olds, 30″ (blue) for 8-10 yr. olds and 34″ (red) for 11+.

SNAG Launcher

SNAG Launcher

In SNAG Golf, each shot where the Launcher is used, must be hit off a SNAG Launch Pad.

The Launch Pad is designed to be light weight and easy to transport.

It has a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation.

The blue circular things you see are the tees that the SNAG Launcher uses. They are exactly like the tees you encounter when hitting from the artificial mats at the driving range.

The biggest difference, aside from the color is the fact that hitting the SNAG Balls from these tees are a helluva lot easier than real golf balls! 🙂  Funny little tidbit, whenever I typed in helluva, it did not give me the red squiggly line denoting an incorrect word..

Check this out.

Websters has the following to say: hell·uv·a (hěl’ə-və)  Pronunciation Key
adj.   Slang
Used as an intensive: He’s a helluva great guy.

[Alteration of hell of a.]




The last piece, is, ofcourse, the SNAG Ball.  Looking incredibly similar to your  garden variey tennis ball, the SNAG Ball is designed to imitate the feel and weight of the golf ball for the new learner.

Many women and children swing at speeds below 60 mph making a traditional golf ball very hard feeling at impact.

The SNAG Ball will give the new learner a better feel upon impact; a feeling of compression that is very satisfying.

My Son Aiden is extremely partial to the green ones..

SNAG Golf is great and can provide fun and learning for all ages.  Every Saturday it blows my mind to watch these kids, most who have never experienced golf before, hit shots that many adult golfers i’ve seen cannot.  I admit, when you are around the equipment, it’s very difficult not to pick up a club and hit some balls yourself.

SNAG Golf has a global reach touching not only the US but Canada, Asia and Europe as well.  What really impressed me was a story that Dave Shein told me about SNAG Golf in Scotland.

I don’t remember the story verbatim, but I guess that junior involvement in golf over in Scotland was way down, which in itself seems crazy, considering that Scotland is the birthplace of Golf.  So because of this, clubgolf Scotland was born.  Out of clubgolf, firstclubgolf was born.

The introductory game firstclubgolf is now well established across the country and provides children with an opportunity to experience golf in Primary School.  Let me see if I can explain this a different way, THEY’RE PROVIDING FREE GOLF LESSONS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR THEIR KIDS!  Man, I need to move… 🙂

Can you guess what equipment they’re using for this firstclubgolf?  That’s right, SNAG Golf equipment.  The goal of firstclubgolf is to have every child experience golf by the age of nine.  Man, what a country, not only do they have awesome accents, but they have their heads in the right place! 🙂  So in pursuit of their goal, in 2008, over 33,000 children participated in firstclubgolf.

Awesome, right?

Over in Asia and the UK there’s many SNAG Golf courses where families can spend the day playing SNAG golf, complete with water hazards and sand bunkers! 🙂

So, if you haven’t guessed, I’m a pretty big fan of SNAG, it’s a solid company with a product line that could not be better. 🙂

Be on the lookout for the first ever SNAG Golf Course in Orlando, It’ll say OGB’s SNAG Golf Country Club. 🙂


  6 comments for “PGA Merchandise Show – SNAG Golf

  1. at

    This stuff looks great. I’ve got to look into this for the cubs! Although not for a few months yet 8-( Still too much snow.


  2. at

    Definitely worth looking into! I’ve got some en route and I plan on turning my backyard into a SNAG Golf Course 🙂

  3. at

    Oh, sorry to hear about all the snow 🙁 I’ll be playing golf tomorrow……again

  4. at

    Hey there, just found your blog….Good articles and insight! I know this isn’t about SNAG (which is great for teaching kids) but I wanted to tell you about my new software that I didn’t release at the show because it isn’t quite ready, but is coming soon. It’s a brand new Video Analysis Software – the first for MAC users! The PGA show was pretty good this year, but not as many freebies as in the past….guess the economy has something to do with that. Thanks! Our website is

  5. at

    I have been turning my golf range into a snag golf course since 2003. I used to do it only for an extra bonus for my junior golf clinics and programs but now I am going to do it to boost my revenue. I plan on doing it in the evenings from 6-8pm. I may also do it during 11am to 1pm so parents can come out with their little ones. I will also be able to sell snag clubs and balls to those who will not want to borrow equip.
    I will start out charging five dollars per player or fifteen dollars for a family of 4 or more. Wish me luck. Oh, I wonder if snag will give me a huge discount on equip if I track my progress for them? I need nine new cones with flags and one dozen right handed clubs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  6. Jake

    I have used snag golf equipment for a few years and finally purchased some for my students at school. The clubs are excellent but be aware the balls will rip, launch pads will fall apart and the tees break. After just 3 days I experienced all those things happening. I called the company and they told me I was lieing to them even though I showed them my invoice and pictures of the equipment. Not the best company in my opinion anymore.

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