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While perusing row upon row of golf goodies at the PGA Merchanise Show, I stumbledf upon iQuest Golf.  I’ve got to admit, when I first noticed the sign, I had a different idea as to what the product would be.

iQuest Golf, is a card game that you incorporate into your golf game.

iQuest Golf

Each deck of iQuest Golf contains 18 cards.  14 of these cards are club cards and four of these are strategy cards.

The club cards represent just about every type of club that you can have in your golf bag, ranging from a putter to a driver.  Thankfully, they excluded umbrellas and ball retrievers, but be on the lookout for these additions when iQuest 2 comes out! 🙂

Yes, I know, my flourishing skills definitely need some work...

Yes, I know, my flourishing skills definitely need some work...

There are four strategy cards as well.  These cards are; Take a Mulligan, Steal a Club, Do it Again, Wild Card.  Most of these are self explanatory, but the Do it Again card can only be used on another player. For instance, a dude your playing with hits a killer 300 yard drive and you slap him with the Do it Again card, that sweet drive is now null and void and he is forced to play the shot again.

iQuest Strategy Cards

As for the rules, well, I suppose there’s many variations.  The simple premise is this, for every hole, each member of your group draws X number of cards and you are confined to play the hole with only the cards you drew.  The most universally accepted method of play is each person is allow to draw the number of cards that corresponds with the par of the hole (par 3, 3 cards, par 4, 4 cards, etc…).

I haven’t had a chance to use these yet on the course.  I can see how they could be useful as a practice tool and definitely a fun thing to wager on, whenever your playing a “fun” round that won’t go down in the handicap tracker.  These could also be a fun thing to implement in corporate tournaments.

Each deck will run you $14.95 and can be purchased from their website.

I’ll keep you posted once I give these a try.


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