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As many of you might know, I’m not exactly a scratch golfer, mostly, not even a good golfer. 🙂 So in the pursuit of a better golf game, I’ve signed on to take golf lessons from Brendon Elliott. He is a short game master and will be helping me improve those aspects of my game.

What I’m going to do is track my progress via the worlds greatest golf blog and write up a summary of the lessons for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

So presently I’m wielding a Handicap of 20.1 and my goal is to get down to a 15.

I had my first lesson with him and it was basically an evaluation of my current putting game.  Brendon took video and pictures of my putting from multiple angles and had me use the Adams Dixx digital training putter (which was pretty cool).  He is in the process of crunching all this data and this Saturday we’re going to review the data and start correcting my atrocious putting. 🙂

Presently, I’m trending 2.46 putts per hole and I’m hoping to make it an even 2.

Check out his backyard

The Greatest Backyard.....Ever.

The Greatest Backyard.....Ever.

Soo..  stay tuned for the great things to come! 🙂


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  6 comments for “Orlando Golf Lessons

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    You trying to elevate your game so that you can try and beat me when I am in Orlando next month (still unconfirmed)?

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    Well, I don’t know if a month will be enough time, but I’m definitely going to try! 🙂 Might have to place a friendly wager on the round 🙂

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    Good luck with your goals, but why are you going to be posting all the info on my golf blog? You do have your own 8=)

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    Do you take you lessons right in his backyard?

  5. at

    yep, it’s pretty awesome 🙂

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    This is absolutely insane. My wife would kill me if I tried something like this.

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