Little Linksters – Week One

Last Saturday, my son had his first lesson of the Little Linksters Golf Program.  If you recall, I posted an earlier post discussing the specifics of the program which can be found here Little Linksters junior golf comes to Lake Mary Prep.

Brendon Elliott and his wife Melisa started this program to serve a usually overlooked niche, the middle class families.  You’ve got the programs for the underprivileged and the programs for the over privileged but there’s nothing for those of us in between.  I guess I should also mention that they have a three year old daughter and if you ask this golf blogger, he also created the program as an excuse to play more golf (well, eventually anyway, he’s just setting the groundwork now)! 🙂

So the first week was pretty much an intro, they watched a surprisingly engaging kids golf video called “Club Pro’s Kids Kingdom.”  Regrettably I was not able to watch the entire video, I excused myself from the room once I realized I was the only parent left in the class room.. 🙂  But two of the main characters was a little boy named St. Andrews and a little girl named Augusta!  I was chuckling pretty hard and I was saddened that none of the other participants got the joke…. just what are they teaching kids these days??

After the video was over, Brendon went through an eDimples junior golf activity book with them.  The book gave a good intro into some of the broader golf concepts.    Below is a picture of Brendon and Melisa with some of this classes participants.  Can you guess which of these yard apes is mine?  I’ll give you a hint, he has devilishly good looks gained from his father’s side of the family. 🙂

Little Linksters

The class ended with all the kids getting a swag bag, complete with goodies for parents and kids alike, as well as a free twosome out at Winter Park!  It’s intended to be a post graduation round for you and your newly trained golf padawan.  For those with children, Brendon mentioned that Winter Park is a kid friendly course!

I was impressed with the amount of patience these two have when dealing with a room full of energetic children.  The kids all left the classroom excited about golf and my son Aiden was wearing his new Little Linkster’s visor all the way home.

He was so pumped about golf that I had to take him to play putt-putt, twice!!  But let’s not get me started on the price of a round of putt-putt, it’s highway robbery! 🙂

Stay tuned for more posts about the Little Linksters.


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  2 comments for “Little Linksters – Week One

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    Go Aiden! Did he beat you at putt-putt?

  2. at

    Well….Yes, “technically” he did, but he had some distinct advantages.. Being closer to the ground to better read the greens being the main one… Not to mention the “ref”(mommy) was incredibly biased towards him and kept incorrectly counting strokes!

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