The world is left hander biased.

I virtually “stumbled upon” this site.  🙂

Lefty Golf Pro

When I first saw this, my giddy heart lurched and I thought “FINALLY!  The gods have answered our lefty prayers” but after going through the site, I concluded that yes, the gods are a humorous bunch and once again lefty’s are at the butt.

It’s a great idea and would be adored by all of us “right” handers but no one seems to want to build a truly awesome left handed focused golf site.  I guess it’s probably related to the fact that only a small percentage of golfers are left handed (10% according to lefty golf pro) and it would appear that a small percentage of lefty’s (5%) golf right handed…  blasphemy…  You should all be ashamed of yourselves for trying to hide who you are.. 🙂  I can understand why you do it, due to the lack of equipment and proper training material, but when the going gets tough, the tough should not golf right-handed!

Well, if you want a couple paragraphs of the torment that us lefty’s suffer or if you want an ebay aggregate of all the left handed clubs being sold, this is the site for you.  If, like me, you are looking for more, I’m sorry to have to inform you that your search must continue.

What was, to me, the most painful part of this was they’ve got a link to a selection of right handed clubs!  Come on!  It’s like your fighting a war and you are selling supplies to your enemy to be used against you…

Haha, well, I had intended on just sharing this site that I found, but the dextrious fingers will say what the will..

If you guys know of any dedicated lefty golf stores, I’d love to hear from you!

Hope your Monday is going well!


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  4 comments for “The world is left hander biased.

  1. at

    Wow! An actual lefty!

    Seriously, I have a friend who is right handed but golfs lefty. My wife is also the same when she does golf (which isn’t often). I know that it is tough to find stuff for lefties and I hope that you find some good sites.


  2. at

    That’s something I can’t understand, why would any righty select to golf lefty? Is it that righty golf just isn’t challenging enough? I suppose that’s true, many of my righty golf buddies do score better than I do…

    The conspiracy against lefty’s has just taken an interesting turn 🙂

  3. Terry

    From one lefty to another…I get a newsletter from For Lefties Only…they are chocked full of gear…some name some knockoff but pretty good selection of all types of stuff. They have a website

    Keep it in the short grass!

  4. at

    Hey Terry! Thanks for the info on the newsletter! I’m not opposed to striking knockoffs, my irons are some Callaway Knockoffs that I love!

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