Top Golf Instructors in Orlando

I was flipping through the latest issue of Golf magazine, which, for some reason, I’ve been receiving for the past 3 months and which I never signed up for…. err..  of which I’m a satified paying customer of…

Anyway, I was flipping through Golf magazine and I came across their list of the Top 100 Teachers in the US and I was quite shocked to see so many of these instructors are in Orlando and the surrounding area.

So, for your viewing pleasure, brought to by none other than the Orlando Golf Blogger, the list, of Orlando’s Top 7 Active Golf Teachers.

  1. Mike Bender – Lake Mary – Timacuan
  2. Brad Brewer – Orlando – Shingle Creek
  3. Fred Griffin – Orlando – Grand Cypress
  4. Bill Madonna – Orlando – Hawk’s Landing
  5. Rick McCord – Kissimmee – Orange Lake
  6. Patti McGowan – Orlando – Lake Nona
  7. Brian Mogg – Windermere – The Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Point

But wait, there’s more! Here’s the list of the Top 3 Emeritus Golf Teachers in Orlando.

  1. David Leadbetter – Champions Gate
  2. Phil Ritson – Winter Garden
  3. Craig Shankland – Daytona

And for those who were wondering, Emeritus means retired but retaining an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement.

If you happen to give them a call, tell em the Orlando Golf Blogger sent ya!  I’m not really sure what good it’ll do, but hey, never hurts 🙂


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