“One” man can make a difference.

“World golf is sorely missing Tiger Woods and the sooner he is back the better,” says Phil Mickelson.

“The reason why we all want Tiger back is because he drives the game of golf.”

“He drives television ratings, the sponsors need him in their events and the fans turn out to see him, so we need him back as soon as possible.”

“We’re very lucky in the sport of golf to have the number one athlete in the world.”

“I never thought that would happen when I first came on tour, when we had some of the greatest players in history, whether it was Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus, nobody ever reached the status of the number one premier athlete in the world, and it’s in golf.

Tiget Woods

It’s pretty amazing when you think about just how much this “One” man has done for the game.

Mickelson: Golf desperately needs Tiger to return


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    Golf web traffic could sure use Tiger’s quick return!

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