Five aces in a week!

First of all, I’d like to apoligize for the site going down for a couple weeks.  The server I’m hosting on crashed two weeks ago and it took them forever to repair it!  Guess you get what you pay for eh?  Well, they’ve since upgraded their hardware so these issues should be resolved!

On with the show!

Here’s the link.

Aces wild: Golfer reportedly cards five in one week

A 22 yr old amateur golfer named Curt Hocker recorded five holes-in-one last week, including two on Saturday..

There has been 15 different people who have witnessed his various aces.

When asked about the incredible streak, he commented “I’m just glad my club membership comes with hole-in-one insurance.”

This insurance means that the golf club, not himself, has to honor the golf tradition of buying everyone in the clubhouse a drink after an ace is made…

So far this year, he’s sank seven aces, five on par-4’s and two other double eagles..

I tell ya, some guys have all the luck.  I’ve yet to sink an ace, i’ve gotten close a few times….  I’m going for delayed gratification, I mean come on, if I were to get one now, it wouldn’t be nearly as great as getting one twenty years from now… Right?

Thanks for reading and sorry again for the downtime!


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