Tiger is back on the course…as a caddie…

<knocks the rust off> ahh, feels like forever since I’ve last posted! Sorry for my absence, other worldly things captured me and performed strange tests…

Thanks to those who emailed, makes a lowly golfer feel appreciated! 🙂

So check out the link.

I loved this video!  A 52 year old gent named John Abel won the Buick Challenge 2008 “Tee-off with Tiger” and played a free round at Torrey Pines with none other than Tiger as his caddy.

One of Tigers last comments, I found amusing, was that he and John spent the day conversating…

I wasn’t sure and after some lengthy research, I found that “Conversating” is not grammatically correct, nor is it even in the dictionary…  Well, it IS in the urban dictionary, but don’t think thats accredited.

Granted, I’m in no position to correct anyone’s grammar and Tiger makes enough money to have any word he wanted added to the dictionary, I just found it strange to hear him use it during an interview.


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