Golf could quite possibly be a PERFECT Sport

and that phrase came from a woman!  Not just any woman, a woman who’s husband is an AVID golfer!  Woohoo!!  There’s hope for them yet. 🙂

Check out this article written Cynthia Haines over at

Golf: The Perfect Sport

In this article she discusses, how golf can be a wonderful exercise routine if done properly.  Ofcourse “done properly” entails walking all 18, carrying your bag and laying off the booze.  Nothing we don’t already know, I just thought it was a boost to hear a woman admit it! 🙂

Seriously, she mentions some good pointers and facts that are worth a read.

Like I said last time, sorry I’ve been so aloof, just working on something big that’s consuming alot of my time.

See ya!


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