11 year-old fires an Ace on his 3rd time out

Doesn’t that just figure? Kid nails an Ace on his 3rd round of golf….

He wasn’t keeping score, he was using a borrowed club and a borrowed bag and on the 6th hole, from the ladies tee, he hits a driver that lands on the green and rolls 10 feet for a hole in one.

The club pro at Mandan Municipal Golf course located in Bismark, ND mention that he’s been playing golf for 42 years and has yet to nail an ace. He’s quoted saying “I’m 46 years old and I’ve been playing since I was four and I’ve never made a hole-in-one, and I’ve made a lot of money playing golf.”

His name is Allan Saylor and he and his friend Ethan Luck, didn’t realize what a big deal it was. The players behind them witnessed the shot and by the time the kids got back to the club house, everyone knew about it. The club pro Patrick Windgard approached them and asked them how their game was and they informed him of the shot, confirming the story.

Poor kid, that’s typically a once in a lifetime deal and he didn’t get to savor it…. Now he’ll spend his life trying to do it again and like the rest of us, become a slave to the game..

Boy, 11, fires ace in just his 3rd time golfing

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