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If you own a smart phone (Treo, Iphone, Instinct, Blackberry, Blueberry, Greenberry….), you should check this out.

Mobile Scoring on

It’s a cool tool Stracka has provided that lets you track your score while playing the round. You can track your strokes, putts, fairways in regulation and greens in regulation. It uploads the data to your profile on See Below.

Orlando Golf Blogger, Mobile Scoring on

I recommend adding the course your going to play to your favorites before you get to the course. This will make it easier to select it when you access mobile scoring from your phone. If you don’t add it prior to the round, you’ve got to go to the site, find the course and add the course, before it can be selected from mobile scoring. You can do it either way, but it’s faster and easier to do it from a PC.

As you can see below, there’s also a leaderboard option you can access that will let you see how others who are playing the course that day are faring.

Orlando Golf Blogger, Mobile Scoring on

It’s worth getting a smart phone for 🙂

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    I didn’t have much success using this on my Windows Mobile device. Internet Explorer and my connection were having problems on the course. It’s a neat tool though, especially if you have others on the course at the same time. This might make me actually go out and buy an iPod.

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