You should be able to hit 100 yards with every club

Yes, crazy I know…

Johnny Miller, one of the old school greats, was quoted saying “Players these days, ain’t got no class, no style in their swing, all they got is long hits and good technology, none have the finesse of the old days!”

He was mentioned in an article where Mike Malaska asked him which club he would use if he was 100 yards away, to which he replied, I could use any of these 14 clubs. Mike said “I don’t think you understand the question,” to which he replied “I don’t think you understood my answer.” He then proceeded to hit every club 100 yards.

He went on to say that the minds of the most talented players are trained to think creatively. They consider themselves problem solvers, they see many different ways to hit a single shot.

Ok, ok.. so the quote above didn’t exactly come from his lips, I read the excerpt of his quote and added some flair. So sue me. 🙂 What he actually said was that you don’t see creativity like that in todays power game, guys like Lee Trevino, Seve Ballesteros and Chi Chi Rodriguez could really work the ball.

Average golfers could lower their scores if they worked more on their shot making skills.

Next time you’re at the range, practice hitting the 100 yard mark with every club, it’ll be fun and you’ll quickly gain a sense for playing shots.

Use the 14-club rule


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    Ya think Johnny Miller could show us how to Skull a Lob Wedge 150yds?…cause I can do that on command if that is what he is talking about Working a Shot.

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