Playing Zellwood Station Golf Club

Tried to play Dubsdread over the weekend but they were booked until 5:30pm on both Saturday & Sunday! I suppose it’s for the best, I contacted SkyCaddie about the new course layout to see if they had mapped it yet and they said there’s someone scheduled to map it but it hasn’t occurred yet.

So I went to ‘ol faithful Orlando on Saturday night and booked a round for $27 bucks.

The course wasn’t too bad, it’s kind of a sleeper course, it starts out pretty average and starts to develop more character as you play through the course. There’s more than a few blind holes on this course most of them being an elevated fairway where you aren’t really sure what awaits you on the other side. be wary of the 6th, it’s a blind tee shot with a strategically placed bunker on the left side of the fairway right about 245 yards out.

Like I was saying before, this course has some character, a couple named holes like #5 “Devil’s Kitchen” which features a tee shot over water with a semi narrow fairway waiting on the other side and it severely punishes you if you go anywhere left of the fairway, which of course, is exactly where I went. Also, #9 affectionately called the “Train Wreck,” a painful dogleg left where the entire left side of the hole slopes down into the “Train Wreck” of rough, swamp, and water. I managed to avoid most of the damage until the turn where an errant pitch hit a tree branch and “wrecked.” It was not a very enjoyable hole for me… 🙂

Here’s an image of the train wreck

Zellwood Station Train Wreck

If you manage to survive this, on the back nine, holes 12 through 16 have been labeled “Crater junction” because they all dogleg around this huge natural crater. At first I was asking myself “what crater?” That was until I hit my ball into it… Then I was asking, what ball? #12 is a pretty straight forward 175ish par three no real affect of the crater is felt here, same goes for #13, but #14 on is where you know its there, stalking, waiting to eat some ionomer..

Here’s a picture of #12

Zellwood Crater Junction #12

Here’s the beast! #14, ball stealer. I hit a beautiful drive right into the shade of that huge oak tree on the left.

Zellwood Crater Junction #14

Here’s a picture, closer to the turn.

Zellwood Crater Junction

Notice where those carts are? The hole is left of those carts. Notice the houses on the course? Not your typical golf course housing, the entire course has houses like these on it. I dunno if they’re called economy houses, but this course is smack dab in the middle of a retirement community, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all…

Hmm.. oh, this course boasts a par 3 that’s longer than any par 3 on the PGA tour, it’s the 17th and 243 yards. It also has two drivable par 4’s (264 & 266) yards. The course is in good shape, the greens are pretty fast and spongy. There wasn’t much difference in ball speed on the greens even as the day warmed up.

It was a fun course to play, especially for the price! Not to mention how cool it feels to be playing golf on the set of Cocoon….. 🙂

I look forward to your comments!


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