Top-Flite Gamer Golf Ball

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this golf ball recently and I was unable to resist being swept up in the hype.

Here’s the link

I went to the old Special-T Golf up the street to inquire about this ball and the salesman had never heard of it… don’t ya hate that? So we walked to the golf ball area and I was filling him in on all I had read about it, giving him the rundown so that he could have an educated response for the next customer who asked for it and we found the balls, right next to the other various D2 balls made by Top-Flite.

Top-Flite Gamer Golf Ball

One of the reviews I read somewhere said it “hit like a Pro-V and cost 1/2 as much.” My first response was “OOOooooOOOOOoooo….” 🙂 I had a corporate charity scramble coming up so I figured I’d give them a shot. By the way, we played Black Bear Golf Club out in Eustis and let me tell you, it was an awesome course. Everything about it seemed perfect, well, everything but the drive to get there, especially at 6am on a Saturday…

Those guys really know how to take care of a course. I was surprised at the course rating, I think from the whites it was 68.1, but it was a fairly challenging course, too challenging for a 68.1 in my opinion…

Hopefully I can get out there to do an un-official “official” review. 🙂

but, I digress..

So the Gamer ball, here’s a rundown of the specs.

Building upon the success of the Top-Flite D2® Golf Balls, Top-Flite has taken the benefits of proprietary Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics and put it into a 3-piece performance golf ball that’s long, soft and generates more short-game spin for total control tee to green.

The thin cover is made of a soft ionomer, and when combined with a firm ionomer boundary layer and a highly resilient rubber core, it gives golfers a ball that performs like no other in the Top-Flite lineup. It’s your secret weapon, your “go-to” ball. It’s your Gamer.

Seamless Dimple in Dimple™ Aerodynamics – Unique aerodynamic surface maintains spin longer throughout flight, allowing the ball to hold its line and maintain lift longer without ballooning. It also increases aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag, maximizing distance for a wide range of swing speeds.
Soft, Thin Ionomer Cover – Provides enhanced feel and better control around the greens with increased short-game spin.Large, High-Resiliency Core – Provides outstanding distance while maintaining soft feel.

Firm Boundary Layer – Works with the core to increase ball speed and helps minimize spin off the driver for long distance.

I agree with everything above! 🙂 The guy who played in the tournament looked like me, acted like me, but didn’t golf like me… This ball was phenomenal, I was in contention for the longest drive contest (on the 14th) and that’s never happened to me before. I didn’t win, sadly, was beat by 5 yards… that jerk… Coincidentally, he was hitting a pro-v… Out of 18 holes, didn’t lose a single ball.

The ball felt great off the tee, putting, chipping, well, everywhere…

Not to mention it looks cool and has an awesome name. Wonder if the developers own an Xbox? 🙂

The only thing I didn’t really like about it is after a few hits, the balls outer skin starts to scar and feather out. eh, bad explanation. Ok, imagine the balls external ionomer getting caught in the grooves of the club face and start to peel away upon impact. This was happening to me about every three holes. I would change out the ball when I saw that but I read that it didn’t appear to negatively affect the ball flight.

So all things considered, I’ve officially made the switch and am now a Gamer ball user.

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Let me know your thoughts!


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  2 comments for “Top-Flite Gamer Golf Ball

  1. Lee

    In response to Dave’s review of the Gamer golf ball I would like to comment on his comment about the cover (feathering). I have this problem a lot with other balls, Titelist, Noodles, Nikes, etc. In my case it happens when I hit my Adams Redline 3 wood. I am wondering if this could be causing the feathering as opposed to the cover on the Gamer.

  2. at

    Its definitely a combination of the softer, thinner cover and the groves on the clubs. New clubs can cause this as well as wet club faces.

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