The Caesar Featherie Dimple-less Golf Ball

The cool folks over at the Caesar Golf Company sent me some of these Caesar Featherie golf balls to review.

Played a round yesterday at Hunter’s Creek and tried them out. I know your probably asking why I went back there and my answer is a universal truth that we all can appreciate, “It was free!” 🙂 Remember, when I reviewed the course the first time, they were aerating the greens so they gave a free round if you played, I cashed it in yesterday.

I won’t go into too much detail, but the course is looking better but still needs a lot of work and they REALLY need to adjust their sprinklers because it was about 9am and they were still going and the freaking 16th green was waterlogged and i could’ve gone swimming in bunkers surrounding the green! Bleh, needless to say I was a bit peeved because I happened to strategically hit my ball into one of these lake traps… 🙂

Back to the ball!

Here’s their website. The Caesar Golf Company

To summarize the selling points… This ball eliminates slices and hooks, improves accuracy, better roll on the greens due to the lack of dimples, great for short par 3 & par 4 courses, made for the golfer who needs better accuracy.

Hitting this ball was a very interesting experience. Pretty cool and strange at the same time. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to explain the flight of this ball and I don’t think I’ve found it yet, but hopefully I’ll get the point across. Try to visualize what your ball flight would look like if every bit of spin you put on the ball was all converted to a forward spin. The ball takes off, reaches the pinnacle of its flight and then dive bombs down to the turf. It’s really pretty cool to watch.

I took a buddy of mine with me, he’s a beginner who has a pretty nasty slice and has a very open stance with his lead foot about 7 inches back and away from his rear foot. I let him try the ball out and it completely removed his slice! I mean, I was pretty stunned at the results, and so was he.. 🙂 He was still however, susceptible to shanks and duffs…. But the ball improved his tee shots and he kept most of them in the fairway.

The trade-off is straighter shots but with a substantial loss of distance. I hit this ball with my driver on a couple holes and traveled about 180-200 yards. Typically my drives carry the ball between 260-300 yards.

Putting with the ball was pretty awesome though, the ball wasn’t really affected by any breaks it encountered, it plowed through them.

The ball would be a good fit for the golfer who has a lot of variations to his/her swing, who doesn’t necessarily want to kill the ball, and who wants to play a round without having to spend 1/2 the hole looking for their ball.

I can see how it would be useful to have some of these handy for those really tight holes with very little forgiveness for errant shots or if your playing a short par 4 course or an exec par 3, these would be a good fit as well.

I read on their site they’re developing a ball called the Caesar Millie which will be for the better players. I guess we’ll stay tuned for that.

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  3 comments for “The Caesar Featherie Dimple-less Golf Ball

  1. at

    I have seen the dimple-less ball around but have not played one yet. I look forward for the opportunity to take one to Golf Heaven and we run it through a few rounds of Business Golf.
    The reaction I am getting now from the the golf instructor looking over my shoulder is

    ‘Not sure it is going to do what it says it will do.” But hey, what do those pro-golfers know anyway?

    Mr Business Golfs last blog post..Is Golf’s Future In Tiger Woods Hands?

  2. at

    I actually haven’t heard anyone actually try these types of balls out. I’m surprised that they would hold the greens. I can see why it would reduce slicing and hooking, but it also wouldn’t have that backspin to hold the greens very well.

    Good writeup.

  3. william

    Hello was looking to purchase a sleeve of these balls for my daughters science project. Do you know where i might be able to purchase them?

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