– are you in the know?

In case any of you awesome folks have been hiding in a dark cave on the island next to the Dharma Initiative, I wanted to give you the heads up on a pretty sweet website.

It’s called!

They provide discounts on Tee-times booked through them, sometimes up to 70% off!

In Orlando alone, they’ve partnered with over 100 Orlando Golf Courses and the list is still growing.

They give some good course info on the courses you’d like to check out as well.

There’s a rewards deal they run, so the more rounds you book through them, the more cool crap you get.

I recommend checking them out when planning an outing.

One suggestion, if possible, wait until the day before your round and check, typically the rates get cheaper the closer the round is.

Have you ever booked through If so, what’s your opinion of the site?

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