Little 3-wood advice from Butch

I’ve always been a hackmaster when it comes to hitting a 3-wood from the fairway.  One story that I’ll never forget.Â

I was playing a round with my cousin/best friend on his home course in D.C.  We were neck and neck the entire round and the games bragging rights were all riding on the outcome of the 18th.  You know how exhilarating this is, every stroke could mean victory or defeat, it’s as if the fate of the world was riding on this hole.

Off the tee I outdrove him by 30 yards which left me about 220 yards away from the green.  Dancing a little jig for joy I grabbed my Nickent Genex 3-wood (who the guy at the pro shop SWORE was just as good as a TaylorMade…jerk).  The ball touched down on the fairway and rolled off to sit in the slight rough to the right of the fairway.  I remember the grass was that real soft, long skinny grass.

He pulled out a long iron and struck a decent shot that landed about 50 yards short and to the right of the green.  I took plenty of practice swings and they all felt good, took my stance (ball lined up with my lead foot heel), and swung my club.  After making contact, I heard/felt the customary “top” sound of topping the ball  (really sounds like top or tup if you stop and think about it).  Flustered and infuriated, I finished the round 3 strokes behind him.  Had to hand over the trophy (black nike visor that’s too tight for either of our heads and gives you a headache from wearing it) and buy the refreshments on the 19th hole while enduring ridicule and repeated assaults on my game.

After reading this article it helped to shed some light as to why my 3-wood off the tee and on an incline (yes, I know hitting a 3-wood from the side of a hill is not the smartest move, but it’s always worked for me and now I know why) were always soo pretty but my fairway shots were not.Â

The summary is this.Â
“Move the ball back in your stance when hitting from the fairway and don’t try to kill the ball.”

If this works for you, I accept all forms of payments as donations. 🙂

Here’s the link

How to tame your 3-wood

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