Unrelated, but worthy of note..

Sorry Guys, slow day for golf info, couldn’t decide what to post about… I was leaning towards why some manufacturers don’t sell their products online, but I need to research that further, but, stay tuned!

So this is for my fellow bloggers..<ahem> It’s a plugin called CommentLuv and here’s how it works <pretty awesome in my opinion>

– Install it on your blog.
– I being a fellow blogger come to your blog and leave a comment.
– At the end of my comment there will be a tag & a link to my most recent blog post. It’ll display something like “Dave’s last blog post..Unrelated, but worthy of note..”

I think it’s a really awesome way to entice folks to leave comments. I know my comments section is a little funky now <I don’t know how I got white text on white background, I’m working on it! 🙂 In the meantime, you can just highlight it and see the message or click it and go to the comments rss.> but check out some of the comments to get an idea or leave a comment to any of these posts.

The benefit to you is more comments on your posts and more repeat traffic and the benefit to your readers is a link back to their blog just for leaving a few words.

Here’s the link

Hope you all have a great weekend & Mothers Day!!


Addendum to this post… Tony over at hookedongolfblog brought up a very important point, I overlooked, I believe you have to be using wordpress in order for it to be installed… Sorry! Still, it’s a great tool to use if you have a wordpress blog!

  3 comments for “Unrelated, but worthy of note..

  1. at

    This sounds quite interesting. Thanks for letting me know about it. I’ll give it a try.

    Look forward to you post on golf manufacturers selling on line.

  2. at

    test test test

  3. Dave

    Hmm….. It appears that blogs from blogger.com do not display the bloggers latest post either… I’m going to have to email them about this… Sorry Golfgirl! thanks for the comment thought!!

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