Little Pre-game Putting Advice, Courtesy of Phil

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FindArticles – Phil’s favorite lag drill: learn to focus on speed, not break, on long putts
Golf Digest, May, 2008, by Butch Harmon

I actually came across this article in a Golf Digest magazine some kind person left in the Winnie Palmer Triage waiting room <I was there for 4 hours!>. My expecting wife was a few quarts low on the old hydration chart <stomach bug> and they kept moving us down the list because she was considered a low risk and they had to take all the more serious cases before her. So before I continue, anonymous Golf Digest reader, THANK YOU!! <A side note, I kept the magazine, I felt as if it was owed to me due for waisting my evening… >

The article in a nutshell says prior to any game most golfers will practice a bunch of five and six foot putts but will not touch the longer, more difficult shots and inevitably will end up with a 40-footer on the first green with no idea how hard to hit it. So, here’s what you do.

Take five balls to the practice green, stick tees in the ground 30, 40, and 50 feet from a hole. Your missions <should you choose to accept it> is to putt five balls in a row from each tee to within three feet of the hole. Use your putter to measure the distance, it’s about 36 inches long.

Start at 40 feet, go to 30 feet and end with 50 feet. Mixing it up simulates a more realistic golf course scenario. The trick is, you can’t move to the next tee until you get five straight within three feet of the hole!

I’ve had to modify this for those not-so-scratch golfers like myself. 🙂 Give yourself 15 minutes, five minutes per tee and if you somehow complete the drill in the alotted time, your allowed to flirt with the cart girl, guilt free, if not, well, you can still flirt but you must spend three seconds reflecting on what you’ve done……


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