Orlando Golf Course Review – Eagle Dunes Golf Club

I had the opportunity to play Eagle Dunes Golf Club over the weekend and overall, I enjoyed the course.

The first thing that comes to mind is that this is one of the first courses I’ve played whose name also serves as a description of the course! What I mean is that, when I hear the word dunes, I can’t help but visualize myself on the planet Arrakis, standing next to Mua’Dib, searching for Fremen Caches. I had the same feeling when I was tracking down some of my errant shots. <alas, there were more than a few…>

One instance, I walked 30 feet in a fairway bunker, still within bounds mind you, to find my ball. What made things worse is that we played on probably the windiest day of the year so far. So while having to contend with an enormous amount of sand, we also had to hunker down and wait out a few sand storms…

The Eagle Dunes was in good shape, and since it’s not the closest course, it wasn’t very busy, so the pace of play was perfect. My one qualm about the course conditions was that alot of sand was blowing out of the bunkers onto the fairways making the course “less attractive” and some of the bunkers were down to the hard packed sand which made your shots almost like hitting off concrete.

Overall, the course was pretty wide open and thus a little more forgiving on the tee shots. Watch your putting, these are some pretty fast greens. They claim to have the truest putting surfaces in Orlando! I for one, hope not.. 🙂

The clubhouse staff was really friendly and helpful. They’ll sell you beer and give you a cooler & ice for your cart to store it in!

For this Course Review, I’m giving Eagle Dunes Golf Club in Orlando three stars.

Below is some information about the course.

Eagle Dunes Golf Club
24000 Marbella Drive
Sorrento, FL. 32776
(352) 357-0123

Weekend Rates $50.00 & $40.00 after 2:00pm

USGA Ratings:
Yardage Course Slope
Black 7024 73.7 131
Gold 6527 71.6 124
White 6013 69.3 119

Designed by: Dasher Golf Design

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